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7 Genius Tips for Organizing Your Pantry AND Minimizing Food Waste

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An orderly kitchen pantry is like a superhero sidekick for your cooking journey. It saves the day by making life easier and enhancing your culinary escapades. Are you ready for a pantry makeover that’ll save time, cut back on food waste, and streamline meal prep? Brace yourself for some life-changing tips to turn your pantry into an organized utopia that you and your family will adore.

Nichole Gehman with Organize by Designe writes about genius tips for organizing your pantry and minimizing food waste.

1. Embrace the power of a fresh start

Banish chaos by emptying your pantry completely! This is your chance to plan an epic organizational system. Grab your imaginary sword and fight off expired items or anything else you don’t need. My team will empty expired spices into the garbage and recycle the container. Let’s help the earth and do our part. Victory will be yours as you unveil a spotless realm—shelves wiped, corners dusted, and the path clear for organization magic.

2. Unleash the force of item unity

Round up those kitchen troops and bring similar culinary allies together! Assign them to their rightful spots in the pantry’s realm, making sure their comrades are within arm’s reach. Think canned goods with canned goods, grains with pasta, baking supplies ready for sweet adventures, and so on. Also consider how frequently an item is used. In my pantry I put the ice cream maker on the top shelf during the summer but store it in another location during the winter months. You want to place items used most frequently in what I call prime real estate. That’s an easily accessible location, within eyeshot. The rest can go very high or very low. Think about the cabinet above your refrigerator. What’s best used in there? How about party supplies if you only need access to them a couple times a year, or vases. Get creative. This is your space, make it work for you.

3. Equip yourself with organizing arsenal 

Level up with see-through storage containers, nifty bins, and adjustable shelves that’ll maximize space while boosting accessibility. Investing in these heroic pantry tools may be a small step, but they’ll bring giant leaps of culinary bliss to your life. Check out some of our favorites here!

4. Hierarchy matters (oh yes!)

We touched on this a bit earlier, yes I know I get excited, but here it is again. Be wise and place your favorite pantry warriors at eye level; they’ll be ready for action when duty calls! This trick not only saves you from feeling frustrated but also turns meal preparation into a breeze. Meanwhile, let less frequently used items enjoy their quiet corners on higher or lower shelves—away from the frontlines of deliciousness. Think, snacks at eye level for kids and the candy high up in the sky. Out of sight, out of mind. Well, hopefully. These are kids I’m thinking of.

5. Master the ancient art of first-in, first-out (FIFO)

To curb the heinous crime of squandering sustenance and to guarantee prime freshness for your palate, pledge to master the revered first-in, first-out (FIFO) technique. Rotate your provisions like a pantry virtuoso, stationing seniors at the front lines, ensuring their swift departure. This modus operandi combats that dreaded expiry date epidemic and guarantees a well-oiled pantry machine. And if you really want to get savvy in the kitchen apply this same method to your fridge! I keep all my leftovers on the top shelf so they never get pushed to the back of the fridge dungeon and wither away to die, aka get forgotten and wasted. Money going down the drain. Never again, I say!

6. Keep thy pantry kingdom in-check – regular maintenance is key

Swear a solemn oath to frequently assess your pantry dominion and its organizational strategy. Adapt as needed, for time spares no man, woman or household. Consistent vigilance repels chaos, ensuring order reigns supreme within this culinary sanctum. Meaning, make it a habit to go through your pantry one day a week. My day is Sunday. I check for expired foods, place them in their designated spot, then meal prep for the week based on those items. Place my order on Instacart and boom. The weekly meals have been prepped. I have not wasted ANY food AND Ive made sure there will be leftovers so I’m not cooking every night. We have to find a way to make life a little easier where we can.  

By adhering to these priceless pearls of wisdom shared in this blog post, embark upon the noble quest towards pantry organization mastery! May you revel in the process of forging an effective, streamlined haven that breathes new life into your gastronomic adventures.

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