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Here’s the hard truth: even the coolest, trendiest organization product does not have the power to transform an unorganized house into an organized home all by itself. That life-changing transformation (yes, I said it, life-changing) comes from the old-fashioned hard work of going through your belongings, getting rid of what you do not use or love, and strategically placing the items you value.

That’s the work I’m here to help you with as a professional organizer. It’s my passion. 

Now, while all of that is 100% true, it doesn’t mean organization products aren’t useful—they can be a total gamechanger. Quality organizing products can give you the structure and the systems you need to actually maintain your organized space for the long haul.

Once a client signs up to work with me, I give them access to my top organization product recommendations. I break them down into these easy categories, so you can find exactly what you need:

  • All-time favorites
  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Living spaces
  • Garages
  • Kids rooms
  • Laundry
  • Office

My list leads you right to the link to purchase, so it couldn’t be easier. And I choose items that are both functional and beautiful. 

While the full must-have organization product list is saved for my beloved clients, here’s a sample of some of the items I recommend for an area of the home that often causes frustration and heartache: the pantry.

Pantry Organization Goals

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, an unorganized pantry can dampen the loving feeling. Not only does it make meal prep stressful, but it also leads to so much food waste and over-purchasing because you never remember what you actually have.

Organized pantries are all about:

  • Categories (storing similar items together)
  • Containment (reining in the chaos)
  • Clarity (making sure you know where everything is)

And there’s nothing like a good bin or basket to provide all three.

Top 5 Baskets and Bins For an Organized Pantry

Here are 5 of top organization products I recommend when you become a client of Organize by Designe. They are perfect for a functional pantry.

1. Plastic Stackable Kitchen Pantry Bin

Clear bins are always winners because they provide easy viewing. With these clear bins in particular, the bamboo lid also offers stackability—and stackability grows your usable storage space. 

2. Woven Farmhouse Kitchen Pantry Food Storage Organizer Basket

Baskets keep the mishmash items of the pantry neat and tidy. Pro tip: adding chalkboard labels (like THESE!) lets you know what’s inside—and you can easily erase and re-label if the contents change over time. 


I love using clear bins for drinks. Since these types of bins are without a lid, they are perfect for containing items you want quick access to.

4. Farmhouse Wire Baskets Storage Organizer 

Who doesn’t love a good farmhouse-style wire basket? These are great for storing pantry produce like onions or potatoes, but they’re also great for other small categories like rice or pasta boxes.

5. Non-Skid Kitchen Organizer

A turntable is ideal for containing small, similar items that you want easy access to on a regular basis (oil and vinegar, spices, etc.)–especially those items that tend to “get lost” behind other items when they are stacked in a row. The more you see, the better.

Pantry Organization Transformation

Are you ready to see what you get when you take these pantry organization products and combine with them the services of Organize by Designe? I think you’ll be just as “wowed” as my client. Not only is this pantry easy to navigate and beautiful to look at, but look at all that glorious free space! This is now serves as a practical, functional space with plenty of flexibility to change throughout the seasons.

Ready to dive into organizing your own home? Request a free consultation today—perfect for busy professionals and families in the Plano, Illinois, and surrounding metropolitan areas. Once you sign up, I’ll send you the full organization product recommendation list.

This page includes Amazon Associate affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission at no cost to you if you purchase a product I suggest. I only recommend products I believe in.

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