Hate gifts that end up collecting dust? Here are Five Unique Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas From the Wasteless Mindset of a Professional Organizer

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As a professional organizer I see a lot of clients struggle with decluttering because they have too many things and do not know how to go about the process of eliminating the extras. They start to declutter but they don’t know where to start. Many of my clients have a hard time donating gifts they received too. The emotional attachments to things given really hold weight in some minds. It’s because of this mentality that I struggle to give a gift I know a person will appreciate AND thoroughly enjoy using.

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I hope this little glance into the mind of a professional organizer helps you not just this Mother’s Day but in your forever-gift-giving experience.

1. Consumable Gift

Think about the things your mom loves, buys, and/or enjoys doing? Theme the gift and stay in that lane. For example, if your mom loves playing bridge with her bridge club, get a reusable basket from Tjmaxx or HomeGoods. Gather snacks she can share with her friends at that club or print a recipe of a food she likes that she can make and share the next time she is playing at the club. Fill a clear saran bag with the groceries of that food and tag the recipe card you printed with a bread tie and add it to the basket. Add a bottle of wine she can share at the club too and boom, that feels like a well-rounded beautiful gift. I say this all the time. When giving gifts, you just cannot go wrong with consumables.

Consumable Gift

If she is a foodie, wine or coffee connoisseur think of pairing a monthly club like Crowd Cow or Butcher Box for a varied meat subscription, Coopers Hawk or Wine of the Month Club by Napa Valley for wine subscriptions, and Atlas Coffee Club for varied coffee from around the world or Beanbox for a charming variety of coffee subscriptions. These are trending larger than ever. I mean, who wouldn’t look forward to getting a fun “gift” in the mail every month!

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2. Donation Gift 

Is your mom a part of a charity or a non-for-profit she loves? Can you join her one day so she can proudly brag about you and show you what she does and how she helps impact this charity with her beautiful self? Take this gift idea one step further and donate your skillset. How can you give your gifts to better this charity for a few hours? You and mom and even work together on a concept/idea. Nothing brings people closer than a common mission. Take this gift idea one step even further is to start a GoFundMe in her honor for this non-for-profit. This is one of my favorite ideas.

3. Quality Time Gift

Give her a day date planned by you WITH you. Don’t get me wrong, gift cards are great but can seem impersonal. What Moms love is quality time spent with her kids so why not give her a date with you to the city or a sweet quaint town like Geneva, IL that has little boutique shops and incredible restaurants all in walking distance. Part of the day is simply the ambiance. Make reservations to get facials and massages then go to lunch. End the afternoon with a walk and window shopping. Now that’s a lovely day.

4. Unforgettable Memories Gift

Go on a double bestie – wine tour – weekend away. Her best friend and yours = hysterical memories, countless frameable photos and fun, fun, fun! If you don’t live in California wine tours are not as common of an outing especially living in the Midwest. I guarantee you that a small amount of research + reservations + ubers will prove to show the greatest reward.

Try these vineyards in the Western Suburbs of Chicagoland area for your weekend retreat:

  • Friday: Fox Valley Winery in Oswego followed by Sable Creek Winery in Plainfield
  • Saturday: Head to Galena to Galena Cellars and stay the night at their guest suite or guest house. Best time to go is in the fall when Galena Cellars has their fall harvest festival.

5. Acts of Service Gift 

Lastly, think of things your mom hates doing and if you can’t do them for her yourself because of time, kids or energy, hire someone to do them for her! Here is a quick list of ideas I gathered after talking with clients: poopoo picker upper for those mamas with 4 legged babies, deep cleaning the oven or the whole house for that matter! Oil changes/car maintenance-I hate spending my time waiting in customer wait rooms when there are so many better things I can think of to do with my time, hang the pictures or artwork mom has purchased that have been leaning on the floor below the wall she wants them hung on, and removing the last of your items from their home-that one made me laugh.

Lastly, having a room organized! A professional organizer can turn any room from chaos to incredible peace and tranquility in as little as 3 hours. Want more info? Message your favorite pro organizer at hello@organizebydesigne.com, text 630.723.1277 or visit us at www.organizebydesigne.com!

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