Organization Transforms Spaces Into Homes

Organization Transforms Spaces Into Homes—And Changes Lives in the Process

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Here’s one of the things that completely drives me in my home organizing business here in Plano, Illinois; it’s something I’m so passionate about. Organizing transforms a space into a home and that process literally changes people’s lives. Maybe that sounds like a brouhaha statement, but I can tell you from the thousands of hours I’ve spent working with all my fabulous clients … it’s the real deal. 

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First, The Stress

When I walk into a client’s house, they are so often bogged down, frustrated, and stressed. Living in chaos makes people feel … well … chaotic. Someone once tried describing to their husband, who didn’t understand the need for the home to be organized, that disorganization and clutter in the home was like playing really loud bad music without being able to turn the volume down. People can feel anxious and depressed in their own homes and I don’t blame them for getting to that point. There is no judgment when I walk into any home, my heart is driven by the need they are seeking. Here’s what I know:

Clutter is unmade decisions. 

We all have so many decisions to make in our days—from small ones like what to eat to big ones like how to parent a child through a hard situation. We are already tired and overscheduled. So, when we see something that’s out of place (roller blades certainly don’t belong in the bathroom ;D) our mind might begin the flood of questions—How do I get my child not to leave these in the bathroom? Should I threaten the consequence of donating them? I could throw them in the garage or hide them or should I spend the time changing the load of laundry or getting caught up on work emails instead?—sometimes it’s easier to just ignore it, after all, you’re going to leave their bathroom and not see it again till the next time you enter! 

How many of you actually STOP SEEING IT? Be honest. This hits my own home at times, and for me, it’s the kids paperwork they bring home. The piles begin to multiply until there are many, many piles, and it turns into a situation that feels impossible. 

At some point, to actually do the work of finally making any “decision” becomes overwhelming and way too much for so many people to do on their own. I promise, so many people struggle with this. One of the most common questions I get while working with a new client is, “Is this the worst home you’ve seen?” The answer is always, no! Take a deep breath and know that it is common to feel paralyzed and unsure of where to start. It’s called decision fatigue and it’s a real thing! But you know what? I know where to start. 

That’s when I come in (yes, sometimes wearing my super hero cape, no judgment, I love my cape :D) and I make changes happen—and fast!

Next, The Help

So, we begin working together, and now my client has a teammate, a duplicate of themselves, to help them make decisions with professional suggestions and some expert advice. Plus, I understand the emotional connection clients sometimes have to items or special memorabilia, so I bring gentle guidance and plenty of support. During our initial consultation, I will even ask each potential client what experience they are looking for: quiet and calm guidance, a fast-paced and fun party-like approach, no-nonsense let’s get it done, or the “just do it all for me.” That way I can meet each person’s unique needs exactly where they’re at.

We go through absolutely everything they own and get rid of what’s not needed or wanted. Not only are we purging all the extra clutter, but we’re also doing it in a way that feels good and responsible. Since my business model is all about sustainability, we focus on recycling, repurposing, or reusing—not piling onto the already full landfill.

Then we put back only the possessions that provide value, I like to call them, “the loves.” We find the proper place that makes sense for each item. We may use new containers or shelves. We’ll rearrange things so the room flows well. I’ll even dust and vacuum the space. And even though I’m not an interior designer, my service does have elements of design, ideas that make the space warmer, and more inviting. I may suggest something like plants. Even if they are fake, they warm up a space so beautifully. With one of my clients, I pointed out a beautiful wreath for her door, and the few decor pieces are what made all the difference. She said it made her house feel like a home.

And Finally, The Change

As I’m working alongside a client and they start to see the rapid change we are making in a room by categorizing items and strategically placing them in their home, I immediately see their relief. It was so sweet to work with my 77-year-old client just four days ago who was singing praises of how beautifully organized the room was getting and how she never thought she could have achieved this and how she was so thankful for my creative eye. We took her wreaths and hung them on a wall in her wrapping room and she just loved how the room was functional art. She was so elated, and we had only gotten half way through her space in six hours. But already I knew she enjoyed her new space and this made me so incredibly happy! 

It’s the drive behind why I do what I do to organize the homes of my clients.

My clients smile because a weight has been lifted off of them. Yes, their room has been completely transformed, but so has the way they feel when they’re inside that room. The anxiety is completely turned around. They feel freer with all the free space. They see how their homes can be functional and beautiful instead of chaotic. They now have a sanctuary instead of a burden.

There’s one sweet client that I always think back to where we did a full home organization for her and donated everything she didn’t want, recycled expired prescriptions, and broken electronics and added as little to the landfill as possible. When we were done, I rearranged and dusted the furniture, vacuumed, and put the last of the pieces away. As I walked out the door, I turned around and took one last glance. Her back was facing me as she sat on the couch, looking around the room, arms out wide … she was soaking up her home

That right there drives me with a passion. 

If you also want to discover the freedom of a life less cluttered with my home organizing services, check out our services page right here and request a free consultation. Organize By Designe serves Plano, IL, as well as the surrounding metropolitan area.

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